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The HOPE IN DARKNESS GLOBAL FOUNDATION has chosen the beautiful SNOWDROP flower as our logo because of it's remarkable denotation of hope and its incredible resilience during the winter (dark) seasons.


"The snowdrop flower’s message is typically positive, signifying hope, rebirth and a bright future.  Snowdrops are appropriate either as an expression of sympathy or as an expression of celebration. When presented to a wedding party, a floral display with snowdrops speaks of optimism and hope. They symbolize sympathy when given on a solemn occasion such as after death, loss or misfortune."

Our foundation is designed to be a bud of encouragement and hope to those in dark places/seasons of their lives.  It is our desire to utilize our resources and talents to help them see the light of a brighter future.  The SNOWDROP is a beautiful and resilient flower that exemplifies purity and hope.  It also offers life when things appear dead.  It gives room for rebirth (i.e. hope in darkness).

For an indepth meaning on this outstanding flower, go to:

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