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HID Agents

Hope in Darkness Agents (HID Agents) are qualified professionals effectively trained by appointed HID Agent Trainers to go into the field carrying torches of light to churches, agencies, shelters, military bases, schools, & etc. They will utilize their specified expertise to share with others. They will show resilience, creativity, and compassion never straying from the foundation's mission, vision and core values. They will implement our APEA method (Access-Pray- Educate- Apply).  Hence, training other HID Agents to infect their communities and the world with hope. Do you believe you are called to share the HOPE with your God-given gifts or talents.


 Do you have a burden for those who are hopeless?  Do you believe no matter how dark HOPE is always present.  If you answered yes, you may be who we are looking for.  Please click the button below to receive more information.

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